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            簡要描述:High quality monolayer MoWS? solution

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            High quality monolayer MoWS? solution

            The first monolayer WS2 solution that is made out of synthetic 99.995% quality MoWS? crystals for superior quality and reliability. Result of a month long processing steps.
            Consistent and reliable PL & Raman results.
            Enhanced PL signal compared to solution prepared out of WS? nano-powders.
            Environmentally stable
            In suspension of your choice (ethanol, methanol, benzene etc.) MoWS? solution has been prepared from high purity synthetic MoWS? single crystals. The Raman spectrum display sharp peaks with FWHM around 5-6 cm-1. The concentration of monolayer solution is fixed at 92 mg/L.

            Frequently asked questions

            Q1: Are these solutions good for catalytic measurements?

            A: Yes, our 2D solutions are commonly used by catalysis community

            Q2: What is the volume of the solution?

            A: Each order can either contain 2mL of supersaturated monolayer solution (~200mg/L) or dense 20mL solutions (~20mg/L). We recommend using 2mL solutions as this will cut down the shipping charges and shipping times.

            Q3: Are these 2D solutions consist of 100% monolayers?

            A: This will depend on your requirements. We can design monolayer, few-layer, multi-layer, and even bulk layered solutions. Please identify what kind of solution (material type) you prefer to use during check out.

            Q4: How about the solution types?

            A: This will also depend on your application. We have capability to accommodate IPA, H2O, DMF, NMP, and many others. Just let us know what you have in mind.



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